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2.4Ghz active long range parking reader (80m)

  • 2.4Ghz active long range parking reader (80m)
  • 2.4Ghz active long range parking reader (80m)
  • 2.4Ghz active long range parking reader (80m)
  • 2.4Ghz active long range parking reader (80m)
Model No.︰FX-1702
Brand Name︰FX
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰-
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Product Description


2.4G automatic recognition of the active long-range reader automatically reading information data, an important input methods and means, which is based on the development of computer technology and communication technology based on a comprehensive science and technology. Automatic identification technology in recent decades has made great progress, including the initial formation of a barcode, magnetic stripe (card) technology, RF technology, optical character recognition technology, biometrics 2.4G active long-range reader set computer, etc., optical, mechanical, electrical, communications and other technologies for the integration of high-tech technology.

Usually, 2.4G active tag reader within the required distance the energy is much smaller than the reader, which requires the reader receiver sensitivity is very high. In some systems, 2.4G remote reader in the active receive and transmit independent of each other,especially in the uplink and downlink signal frequency signals do not often use such a structure the same time.

The signal can effectively through the car metal foil, adjust the signal coverage angle (60-360 degrees) to identify longer distances (0-80 meters), more than 200 kilometers per hour by car can reliably read, better anti-collision performance. As a result of circularly polarized antenna, the angle of placement of the card without any request, do not stick to the windshield, no matter how placed, can reliably read. The reader is tailor-made vehicle management. Use "fx" credit card reader does not realize, do not stop the vehicles, very suitable for smart parking system management, high-end residential vehicle access control, highway toll collection, vehicle identification and so on.

2.4G active long-distance reader  is compatible with multi-protocol read and rate, multi-tag reading, linearly polarized antenna, waterproof design, etc.,
can be widely used in various RFID systems in, 2.4G active long-distance reader Typical applications are:

  1)logistics and warehouse management: goods flow and warehouse management and e-mail, parcels, luggage and other transport flow management; 
 2) Intelligent Parking: parking management and charging automation;
 3)production lines management: production process fixed-point identification; 
 4)product security testing: the use of tag memory write protection, the authenticity of the products were identified; 
 5) other areas: in the club management, library, student enrollment, consumer management, attendance management, eating management, pool management systems have been widely used.


Frequency :2.4-2 .4835 GHz
Work: regular automatic card reader, external card reader or software trigger control an order card reader, card reader mode can be set
RF power: ≤ 0dBm (can be software adjusted)
Read Range: recognition distance adjustment range: 1 ~ 80 meters
Supported interfaces: RS485, RS232, Wiegand26, Wiegand34, RJ45
Operating voltage: DC +12 V
Reader Tip: buzzer
Power consumption: Maximum power less than 1W
Operating temperature: -20degree  ~ +80 degree
Storage temperature: -40degree  ~ +125 degree

Humidity: 20% ~ 95% (no condensation)
Dimensions: 227mm × 227mm × 60mm

Payment Terms︰T/T ,Western union or Paypal
Lead Time︰3days
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